(no-filtering, elementary, middle, high,

Fotobabble  allows users to upload a picture from either a web page via URL or from a desktop or laptop, and add audio to the picture. Classroom applications include using the site to present on a person, place, or concept.

Users are required to sign up for a free account before they can make a “fotobabble” but once it is made, users may share the photo on social networks, send a link in an email, or embed the photo.

There is also a free Fotobabble App for iDevices!

Click the photo to view one of my “fotos”:

You may also click here to see an example of a “foto” embedded in teacher web.

Lino It

Lino It  (13+, no-filtering, elementary, middle, high, parent-permission-required-under 13)

Lino It  is a free sticky & canvas service that requires nothing but a Web browser. This sticky board allows users to post documents, websites, and photos. Use Lino It to create a classroom discussion board. Here is what their site has to say, “Access lino from your home, office, or even on the road and post a sticky note online whenever you need!…Attach your files to stickies and share them…”

Account must be created to use.

Sample of sticky board: