Fodey (no account needed and no age listed)

Fodey is an online tool that will generate a custom newspaper image from text. Simply enter the name of your newspaper, date, headline, and enter your story.

Fodey Sample

As Fodey does not have a text editor or a saving function, it is best to have students compose on an AS or Neo or in Word and then copy and paste into Fodey after they have completed the story and checked spelling and grammar. The size of the newspaper image is dependent on the amount of text entered so longer stories produce a more complete newspaper image. When the user is ready to generate their newspaper, they simply click on “Generate” and then “Download your Image”. Images are saved as a jpg and can be printed or used in other Web 2.0 tools or other projects.

Classroom use: students could create a newspaper for a class event, summary of a book, historical event, etc. More uses and examples for Fodey: Fodey for your Lessons