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parent-permission-required-under-13, )

ThumbScribes is a platform for creating collaborative writing pieces.

Co+Create haiku, poems, short stories, flash fiction, novellas,  and songs, real time or asynchronously with your computer, tablet, cell phone or even IM.


Skype (no-filtering, teacher-use-only, elementary, middle, high, parent-permission-required)

Skype allows users to collaborate via video conferencing. Some classroom applications include mystery calls, presentations, collaboration, and much more. A list of the features is found below:

Read the Words

 Read the Words (no-filtering, middle, high, parent-permission-required, parent-permission-required-under-18)

Read the Words banner

Read the Words allows users to convert any text to speech.

From the website: What do people use ReadTheWords for?

Imagination is the only limit. Our nearly 100,000 members (and counting) use our text to speech service to create affirmations, create messages for their loved ones, convert books or articles into recordings, create pre-recorded messages for telephone response systems, teach pronunciation to kids, use it as an English learning tool and the list goes on and on.


Exploratree: (no age listed, no account needed)

Exploratree: offers a bank of fully editable ready-made thinking guides in multiple categories (e.g. map your ideas, solve problems, explore, analyze, different perspectives.) Each category offers 5 templates. For example, solve problems (e.g. Knowing Trees, Is is/not, Reversal, Use the essence, Digging up roots)


Within each template you can format text, add shapes, images, and text boxes, and layer objects. Another nice feature is different modes within the web app (e.g. create it, do it, and show it) which allows the user to complete the template in steps rather than all at once.

Student Use: No account needed to print…to save you must create an account with an email address, ideally thinking guides would be created and printed in one class period to avoid the need for saving/account, creating an account allows for collaboration, sharing and commenting on thinking guides

See Exploratree (attached PDF) for further instructions, lesson ideas, and extensions.


Vuvox Banner

Vuvox (13,   no-filtering, t  high,  parent-permission-required-under-18)


  • Use COLLAGE to quickly produce dynamic interactive panoramas with hot-spots.
  • Use STUDIO to build a personalized media presentation… and, place it in your COLLAGE.
  • Use EXPRESS to build presentations with dynamic content from RSS feeds and online albums.
  • Tap into CUT-OUT Express to use your photos as frames for slideshows.



Mixbook (13+, under 13 parent permission required)

Mixbook logo

Mixbook is a scrapbooking website that allows users to build in pictures and titles to tell a story.

Mixbook is proud to present Mixbook for Educators, a program that allows educators even easier access to the most powerful suite of digital storytelling tools on the web. 

Mixbook Education Program Offers…

  • Free Collaborative Classroom Tools for creating and sharing personalized Mixbook photo books
  • Secure online environment for students and teachers to share and edit privately
  • Education Discounts on printed products – 10-30% off printed Mixbooks for your classroom
Classroom applications include:
Pictures of famous americans
Famous Americans
Kids for Kenya: A-Z Book on Children's Rights