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(elementary, middle, high, no-filtering)

Timetoast allows users to create online timelines that can contain single events and time spans. Timelines can be embedded into other sites. Each event or timespan can contain photos, weblinks, and/or descriptive paragraphs. Some classroom applications include biographical information on important historical figures, a Country’s history, historical  Presidents, music through the decades, how technology has evolved, and many more.

Text View of Women's Right to Vote timeline
Text View
Timeline View of Women's Right to Vote
Timeline View

Embed code cannot be obtained until a timeline is published and made “public” on the site. Once the embed code is obtained, the user can make a timeline “draft” form again, timeline is not publicily visible, and the embed code still functions. There is an “Uncategorized” category that does not list projects on the website, so if a user wanted less visibility, uncategorized would be the preferred method. Flash 9 or higher is needed for site to work properly.

Read Write Think

read write think (elementary, middle, high)

The best way I can describe Read Write Think is to say that it is a necessary instructional multi-vitamin! If you’ve not heard of this site or if you have heard of this site, but never visited it, you are missing out. This site offers lesson plans, calendar activities, professional development aids, parent resources, 55 student interactives, and much more. You need to visit this site. Today.

Whether you want to browse a bit and let your creative juices concoct your next lesson, or if you want a lesson “right out of the box” this site is for you. You will not be disappointed with the varied purposes and directions in which this site will lead you. You may run out of time, however, as this site is extensive.

No accounts are necessary. You literally can use the site immediately. Jump in and start looking today!

Click the image below to read about one example of a lesson plan that is available at Read Write Think:

Click on the picture below to learn about one of the 55 student interactives available at Read Write Think:


Prezi (no-filtering, teacher-use-only, high, parent-permission-required-under-18)

Prezi allows users to make a presentation that can be accessed online as well as downloaded for offline use. The most obvious instructional application would be to have students compile content, and then create a presentation. Prezi, however, could also be used as a repository for collaborative efforts in the classroom.

Some things to keep in mind:

  • Questionable content is searchable
  • You can embed, download, email or print it
  • Prezi is public unless you pay for the right to make it private
  • Tutorials are available on the web site
  • Several types of accounts are available including EDU
Some examples of instructional use:



Popplet (13, filtering, not searchable, middle, high)

Popplet allows users to create interactive graphic organizers and mind maps. Users can import images and YouTube videos (will need to carefully select these), annotate images, and add text. If you share a popplet, you will be given a random url that is public and can not be unshared. While this is fine for teacher use, I would not advise this option for students. Students can embed, export as a jpeg or pdf and print it. (This tool is also a free iPad app: Popplet Lite).

Here is an example highlighting technology tools:

Here are some screenshots of other activities that you can do: