Numsum logo

(13+, no-filtering, middle, high)

Numsum allows users to collaborate through web-based spreadsheets by tracking records, lists and data online. Spread sheets can be saved public, private and/or shared with specific users. A maximum of 2 private spreadsheets can be shared at a time. Classroom use is cross-curricular. Share checklists, budget analysis, charts & graphs, rosters, schedules, etc amongst each other. Public spreadsheets are searchable by tags and can be copied for personal use.

Example will take you to NumSum website.

Spread sheet
Character Costume Changes


Slidestaxx Logo

Slidestaxx is a slide show program, like Animoto, that allows for the upload of pictures, movies, bookmarks, or information, then creates a slide show.  It requires that photos be smaller than 1 mb.  It is designed to embed easily into web pages, shared via Facebook, etc.  Some classroom applications include presentations and video logs. The site states:

Slidestaxx enables you to gather social media from various sources and produce a beautiful slideshow you can post on your blog, website or directly on slidestaxx. It’s fast, easy and free! Add pictures, videos, websites and more into your slideshow and then embed the slidestaxx into your own website or blog.

(13+, no-filtering, middle, high)

Examples of slidestaxx will take you to their website to view slide show:

Space Race slide  The Great Depression

The site allows for individual account creations only.


Timetoast Logo

(elementary, middle, high, no-filtering)

Timetoast allows users to create online timelines that can contain single events and time spans. Timelines can be embedded into other sites. Each event or timespan can contain photos, weblinks, and/or descriptive paragraphs. Some classroom applications include biographical information on important historical figures, a Country’s history, historical  Presidents, music through the decades, how technology has evolved, and many more.

Text View of Women's Right to Vote timeline
Text View
Timeline View of Women's Right to Vote
Timeline View

Embed code cannot be obtained until a timeline is published and made “public” on the site. Once the embed code is obtained, the user can make a timeline “draft” form again, timeline is not publicily visible, and the embed code still functions. There is an “Uncategorized” category that does not list projects on the website, so if a user wanted less visibility, uncategorized would be the preferred method. Flash 9 or higher is needed for site to work properly.


LiveBinders (13+, no-filtering, elementary, middle, high)

Live Binders logo

LiveBinders is a repository of sites and/or information which can be organized as if it were a real 3 ring binder. Upload documents, pictures, pdfs, bookmark webpages then organize your information into tabs or subtabs within a binder or create a new binder. Binders may be set as private or public. In both cases, user may share the binder with others. Some classroom applications include presentations, classwork, projects, and research, among others.

Example of public livebinders:

Screenshot of LiveBinder Examples

An account must be created to use LiveBinders. Educators can search LiveBinders by subject and grade level. Site says, “Please do not enter personal email addresses for children under 13 as we are not allowed to collect this data. Please use school generated or teacher generated email addresses.”


Mixbook (13+, under 13 parent permission required)

Mixbook logo

Mixbook is a scrapbooking website that allows users to build in pictures and titles to tell a story.

Mixbook is proud to present Mixbook for Educators, a program that allows educators even easier access to the most powerful suite of digital storytelling tools on the web. 

Mixbook Education Program Offers…

  • Free Collaborative Classroom Tools for creating and sharing personalized Mixbook photo books
  • Secure online environment for students and teachers to share and edit privately
  • Education Discounts on printed products – 10-30% off printed Mixbooks for your classroom
Classroom applications include:
Pictures of famous americans
Famous Americans
Kids for Kenya: A-Z Book on Children's Rights


Tagxedo (no-filtering, elementary, middle, high)

Texas Word Cloud

Tagxedo allows users to create visually artful word cloud images that can either be printed or shared. The site says, “…turns words — famous speeches, news articles, slogans and themes, even your love letters — into a visually stunning word cloud, words individually sized appropriately to highlight the frequencies of occurrence within the body of text.”

Example of 101 Unique classroom applications included on the website:

word cloud examples of india, australia and china
Building Cultural Awareness
Steve Jobs "We Are Not Perfect"
Summarize a Presentation
Example of a vocabulary tagxedo
Building Vocabulary

There is no account creation needed. The gallery is not searchable by keywords but the images can be saved and downloaded to the desktop, printed, published or shared to the web gallery. Microsoft Silverlight must be installed in order to create and view your word cloud.

Lino It

Lino It  (13+, no-filtering, elementary, middle, high, parent-permission-required-under 13)

Lino It  is a free sticky & canvas service that requires nothing but a Web browser. This sticky board allows users to post documents, websites, and photos. Use Lino It to create a classroom discussion board. Here is what their site has to say, “Access lino from your home, office, or even on the road and post a sticky note online whenever you need!…Attach your files to stickies and share them…”

Account must be created to use.

Sample of sticky board: