(no-filtering, at least 13,  middle, high)

Slideshare is a fantastic website that allows the user to upload and share PowerPoint & Keynote presentations and documents. Users can include speaker’s notes, live hyperlinks, and even relevant YouTube videos to play within the presentation. Slideshare automatically will create a presentation transcript for each upload.

Users can also set privileges for downloading presentations and even schedule live zipcasts. There is great potential for this tool for teachers to use to house class materials, presentations, webinars, etc…).

See example for how Slideshare can be used in the classroom:
Slideshare rules.

Glogster EDU

Glogster EDU:  (no-filtering, elementary, middle, high, teacher use, parent-permission-required-under-13)

Carnazzo Features Student Work Samples Creatively

Glogster EDU allows students to create a multimedia poster with images, text, videos, audio, and hyperlinks. It is a great tool for students to showcase a project or create a website on a topic. But Glogster EDU isn’t just for students… teachers can use the tool to build beautiful multimedia websites to showcase student work, create learning stations, or websites that will embed into other Web 2.0 tools or websites.


Fodey (no account needed and no age listed)

Fodey is an online tool that will generate a custom newspaper image from text. Simply enter the name of your newspaper, date, headline, and enter your story.

Fodey Sample

As Fodey does not have a text editor or a saving function, it is best to have students compose on an AS or Neo or in Word and then copy and paste into Fodey after they have completed the story and checked spelling and grammar. The size of the newspaper image is dependent on the amount of text entered so longer stories produce a more complete newspaper image. When the user is ready to generate their newspaper, they simply click on “Generate” and then “Download your Image”. Images are saved as a jpg and can be printed or used in other Web 2.0 tools or other projects.

Classroom use: students could create a newspaper for a class event, summary of a book, historical event, etc. More uses and examples for Fodey: Fodey for your Lessons


Edmodo (parent-permission-required-under-13, 13+, social networking)

Edmodo allows users to create online classes an discussion groups. (Please contact your campus ITS for your campus code).

NEISD Edmodo

There site also offers Edmodo in Action (videos to show how Edmodo looks in various content area settings – see example below) as well as webinars (e.g. Introduction to Edmodo and 20 Ways to use Edmodo).

Edmodo in Action

Need more inspiration? Check out “7 Brilliant Ways to use Edmodo that will Blow. Your. Mind.” and “15 more ideas…“.


Exploratree: (no age listed, no account needed)

Exploratree: offers a bank of fully editable ready-made thinking guides in multiple categories (e.g. map your ideas, solve problems, explore, analyze, different perspectives.) Each category offers 5 templates. For example, solve problems (e.g. Knowing Trees, Is is/not, Reversal, Use the essence, Digging up roots)


Within each template you can format text, add shapes, images, and text boxes, and layer objects. Another nice feature is different modes within the web app (e.g. create it, do it, and show it) which allows the user to complete the template in steps rather than all at once.

Student Use: No account needed to print…to save you must create an account with an email address, ideally thinking guides would be created and printed in one class period to avoid the need for saving/account, creating an account allows for collaboration, sharing and commenting on thinking guides

See Exploratree (attached PDF) for further instructions, lesson ideas, and extensions.

Little Bird Tales

Little Bird Tales (no-filtering, elementary, middle, high, parent-permission-required, parent-permission-required-under-13)

Little Bird Tales is an easy to use site that allows users to create stories which are made into movies. Users can upload their own photos, draw on the website, record their voice and add text. The final versions can be made public or private. Students and teachers can purchase a tale for .99 and download the mp4 versions.

This is what Little Bird Tales says about their own site:

Capturing the Voice of Childhood

Capture your child’s voice and imagination with our creative story building tool and share them with friends and family.

  • Encourages creativity and self expression
  • Helps reinforce reading and writing skills
  • A GREEN alternative to books
  • NO ads, NO merchandising, NO external links
  • Made with kids in mind!
  • It’s Fun and it’s FREE for everyone!
Our very own Lisa Johnson (techchef4u) has a great example lesson to check out: