Little Bird Tales

Little Bird Tales (no-filtering, elementary, middle, high, parent-permission-required, parent-permission-required-under-13)

Little Bird Tales is an easy to use site that allows users to create stories which are made into movies. Users can upload their own photos, draw on the website, record their voice and add text. The final versions can be made public or private. Students and teachers can purchase a tale for .99 and download the mp4 versions.

This is what Little Bird Tales says about their own site:

Capturing the Voice of Childhood

Capture your child’s voice and imagination with our creative story building tool and share them with friends and family.

  • Encourages creativity and self expression
  • Helps reinforce reading and writing skills
  • A GREEN alternative to books
  • NO ads, NO merchandising, NO external links
  • Made with kids in mind!
  • It’s Fun and it’s FREE for everyone!
Our very own Lisa Johnson (techchef4u) has a great example lesson to check out:


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