Kerpoof (teacher-use-only, elementary, middle, parent-permission-required, parent-permission-required-under-13)

Kerpoof is an online graphics studio to make movies, cards, drawings, and stories. It is intended for elementary and middle school students, but that should not stop you high school teachers from taking advantage of the fun.  Without an account students cannot save work. Kerpoof has a lot of online support for teachers as well:

Lesson Plans – Looking for a fresh way to approach sequencing? Art history? The life cycle of a butterfly? Download free lesson plans for a variety of disciplines, from math and science to social studies and foreign languages.

Teacher Accounts – Kerpoof offers educators the ability to register students and arrange them into classes. Students may chat with each other, post creations on a class message board (moderated by you), and collaborate on a project in real-time from different computers.

Classroom Ideas – Visit this page for broad Kerpoof brainstorms that you can mold into your own lesson plans.

Educational Standards – We’ve cross-referenced Kerpoof activities with the state and national standards they can be used to meet.

Newsletter – Kerpoof publishes a free electronic newsletter that highlights new features, lesson plans, and ideas for using Kerpoof in the classroom. 

For a sample lesson plan click here.


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I am currently living my dream of designing curriculum and staff development as an Instructional Technology Specialist with NEISD. My passion will always will be curriculum and instruction focusing on technology integration. I am eager to integrate technology and literacy into the everyday middle school curriculum while motivating students with unique real-world lessons and tailored activities. View all posts by lisajohnson2007

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