Edmodo (parent-permission-required-under-13, 13+, social networking)

Edmodo allows users to create online classes an discussion groups. (Please contact your campus ITS for your campus code).

NEISD Edmodo

There site also offers Edmodo in Action (videos to show how Edmodo looks in various content area settings – see example below) as well as webinars (e.g. Introduction to Edmodo and 20 Ways to use Edmodo).

Edmodo in Action

Need more inspiration? Check out “7 Brilliant Ways to use Edmodo that will Blow. Your. Mind.” and “15 more ideas…“.


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I am currently living my dream of designing curriculum and staff development as an Instructional Technology Specialist with NEISD. My passion will always will be curriculum and instruction focusing on technology integration. I am eager to integrate technology and literacy into the everyday middle school curriculum while motivating students with unique real-world lessons and tailored activities. View all posts by lisajohnson2007

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