The Tree Doth Giveth with BigHigeLabs

BigHugeLabs: (at least 13, middle, high)

BigHugeLabs is an online photo lab used to upload images to create posters, magazine covers, photo collages, and other photo based projects. Users do not need email accounts to create or save their finished project. Projects can be shared via email or saved to your computer.

Note: EDU accounts are available (with no advertisements). They allow a teacher to create accounts for all of their students using email addresses for the students. The EDU account will allow for online store of uploaded images and recent creations. To create an EDU account, teachers must provide proof of current educator status with school id.

Classroom Use: (class example). Check out this site for more classroom integration ideas


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I am currently living my dream of designing curriculum and staff development as an Instructional Technology Specialist with NEISD. My passion will always will be curriculum and instruction focusing on technology integration. I am eager to integrate technology and literacy into the everyday middle school curriculum while motivating students with unique real-world lessons and tailored activities. View all posts by lisajohnson2007

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